Summary of the lesson “Applique” in the junior group “The sun is walking in the sky”

Sunshine from CDs

In order to make such a craft, old CDs, preferably with a yellowish tint, are suitable. In addition to them, you need to prepare:

  • Beads.
  • Glue.
  • Lace or a piece of beautiful material.
  • Yellow cardboard or foil of any color.

  1. The disc is thoroughly wiped with a cotton pad pre-moistened in water.
  2. A circle is cut out of cardboard or foil, having a diameter smaller than that of the disk, but suitable to cover its central hole and glued to it.
  3. Around the glued circle there is decor made of beads and lace or fabric.
  4. It is better to choose transparent glue for fixing the decor, so it will be less noticeable on the finished craft. After completing the pasting of the perimeter of the circle, it is necessary to similarly paste over the outer perimeter of the disk.

Craft from a plastic plate

Another simple version of a sun craft that can be done by a 5-6 year old child in kindergarten.

You will first need to prepare:

  • A plastic plate, preferably yellow, of the most suitable diameter.
  • Acrylic paints are best suited in this case.
  • Paint brush.
  • Yellow cardboard.
  • Scissors.
  • Adhesive suitable for working with plastic.

Work progress:

  1. On the reverse side of the plate, a funny face is painted with paints.
  2. Permanent markers are also suitable for creating a face.
  3. One of the most interesting and original varieties of this craft is the sun, with rays made from palms.
  4. Such palms are first drawn on colored cardboard and cut out, and then glued to the back of the plate.
  5. If desired, the palms can be replaced with rays of unusual shape.
  6. After the glue has dried, the work on the craft is considered complete.

Sun made of corrugated paper or organza

Making this craft requires perseverance and attention from the child. The craft is suitable for pre-kindergarten and primary school students.

To work you will need:

  • Yellow cardboard;
  • White corrugated paper (or organza);
  • Glue;
  • Scissors;
  • Threads;
  • Marker;
  • Compass.


  1. Using a compass, mark two circles of the same diameter on cardboard and cut them out.
  2. Rectangles measuring approximately 3 x 8 centimeters are cut out of corrugated paper (or organza), which are subsequently collected from one edge with an accordion, and fixed using a thread - these will be rays.
  3. The finished beam blanks are placed on one of the cardboard circles, after which they are glued, carefully flattening the assembled part.
  4. The second circle is glued on top. After the glue has dried, you can draw eyes, a nose and a smile on the sun.

Sun made using origami technique

Its rays are assembled from modules of three colors. The face is made of cardboard, from which a circle is cut out and covered with colored paper. After this, eyes, nose and mouth are drawn on the blank.

To work on this craft you will need:

  • Paper of suitable colors;
  • Felt pens or pencils;
  • Cardboard;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue;
  • Compass;
  • Rope.


  1. First, you need to make 24 modules (the rays of the future sun) of different colors - they are made up of 10 x 10 centimeter squares. The finished elements, alternating colors, are assembled into a chain and closed in a circle.
  2. Using a compass, a circle is drawn on cardboard, the size of which will allow it to be placed inside the hole formed by a closed chain of modules, and then it is cut out.
  3. Now you need to make a couple more yellow circles of equal diameter, each of which is 2 centimeters larger than the cardboard element. One of them depicts a face with open eyes (day), the other with closed eyes (night). To completely match the design on both drawn emoticons, it can be copied by overlaying the detail on the window glass.
  4. A rope is threaded through the beam blank, from which a loop of the required length is formed.
  5. Inside the blank there is a circle of cardboard, onto which parts with drawn eyes are glued on both sides. Due to their larger diameter, they firmly fasten between the base located in the center of the craft and the workpiece with rays.
  6. After the craft has dried well, it can be supplemented with various elements in the form of bangs or small braids, voluminous eyelashes, freckles, etc.
  7. After this, the finished sun can be hung by a rope loop on a chandelier, door handle or window and turned to the desired side depending on the coming time of day.

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