DIY crafts on the theme of state symbols of Russia

Paper applique for Russia Day

On the twelfth of June, citizens of our country will celebrate the day of one of the most powerful powers in the world. This day has recently become considered a Russian holiday. In preparation for festive events, together with your children, you can make a bright applique with your own hands - a postcard. Such work will help to study or remember state symbols. One of the main symbols is the tricolor flag.

The craft can also be decorated with a white dove - a messenger of goodness and peace. We present to you a master class suitable for the theme of the holiday.

To create an application, prepare:

  • Thick cardboard of any color;
  • Scissors;
  • Crepe paper in red, blue and white colors;
  • Plain blue and white paper;
  • Glue.

Stages of making a three-dimensional postcard for Russia Day:

Thick cardboard will become the basis of the postcard application. You can take any color; the surface of the cardboard will in any case be hidden under the spools of corrugated paper. The soft paper itself will be needed to imitate the Russian flag. We have selected the appropriate shades. Additionally, we will decorate the craft with a paper dove and flowers to match the flag.

Cut out a rectangle from cardboard. Cut rolls of soft corrugated paper into small squares. You will need three separate portions of red, blue and white paper.

Roll many balls of soft paper to cover the surface of the cardboard. This technique is called clumping because the process involves creating many small lumps.

Generously coat the surface of the cardboard with thick glue and begin pressing the prepared lumps on top, collecting them by color. You need to form three stripes of red, blue and white. You can pre-apply pencil borders for more accurate work. Attach the balls tightly, pressing each subsequent one to the previous one.

Fill the entire surface of the canvas with balls. Now the famous banner is ready. The surface of the applique is rough, the craft looks like a three-dimensional postcard.

To add some extra festive elements, also make some paper flowers to match the overall composition. Cut the paper into squares. Fold each square several times and trim the top edge with a birdie. You will get a blank for a flower.

Glue white and blue flowers from two layers of paper. Glue the red center - a simple spool of corrugated paper - into the center.

Glue flowers at the bottom of the applique.

Cut out a dove figurine from white paper. Glue to the center of the applique.

The craft for Russia Day is ready. This could be an exhibit for a children's exhibition or a fragment of a wall newspaper.

If there is a need to make a product on the specified topic, then the most advantageous option is to model the main state symbols.

Photos of flags

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Symbol of Russia Country of Masters

A rider on a horse is embroidery on satin with a straight stitch, it took 2 hours, I had to constantly turn the hand wheel on an electric sewing machine (very small work). Then the embroidery on the reverse side was smeared with glue; when it had dried, it was cut out and glued onto red satin. Rhinestones are glued along the edge.

We found two plastic bottles. The bottom one is made of sunflower oil, the top one is made of water. We cut them as needed and glued the necks together with hot glue. Two pieces of wire were wrapped in padding polyester and inserted into a cut bottle. The plastic from the bottles itself was wrapped with adhesive tape to make the fabric stick better. We made legs out of wire, wrapped them in yarn so that the yarn wouldn’t fly off, and smeared the wrapped surface with a little glue.

Kanzashki have been prepared. Anyone who does it knows how to do it; there is a manual for making various kanzashkas on the Internet. They started gluing it from the tail, then the legs, and brought it to the place of the wings. We got busy with the wings.

Wings. We found something from the packaging. We cut out the shape of the wings, covered them with kanzashki and glued them to the body of the eagle.

Of course, to do something you always need an idea or a picture, which is what we had before our eyes.

My student is a beauty. For this work she took 2nd place in the All-Russian competition “Knowledge of State Symbols”

Thank you all for stopping by, I hope this is useful to someone.

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