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The topic of healthy eating for children is very important. It is worth finding the strength within yourself and trying to explain to your child that a number of delicious foods contain large amounts of harmful substances that destroy the body.

Of course, you shouldn’t focus only on harmful substances; be sure to tell your child about man’s best friends – vitamins. Most vitamins are found in fruits.

You can play the game “harmful and useful.” Ask your child to identify what is harmful and what is healthy. This game can be played using pictures of drawn products.

Turn this lesson into a celebration! Make crafts on the theme “healthy eating” with your child!

For the “Volume Products” craft you will need:

  • Durable colored paper
  • Stapler
  • Markers

Fold a sheet of colored paper in half. We cut out the outlines of future products from folded colored paper. You will end up with two identical pieces at once.

We staple the edges of the future product, leaving one side free. Through this side we insert a little cotton wool into the craft. We staple the remaining side. You should end up with a voluminous paper craft.

Now we give our craft a bright, recognizable look by coloring it with felt-tip pens or paints. We draw characteristic contours on the fruit, draw on the eyes and scales of the fish, and sign the word “honey” on the yellow jar.

In the same way, you can make a collection of harmful products so that you can play the “harmful-healthy” sorting game. Such crafts on the topic of healthy eating can become a real teaching aid for home or kindergarten.

Another interesting craft is the “Fruit Dish” applique. On a dark sheet of cardboard we glue fruits pre-cut from colored paper and the dish itself.

Wonderful crafts on the theme of vitamins and healthy foods in a dhow can be made from salt dough. We make salt dough and shape it into the desired product.

We wait for it to dry and paint it. From such products you can make a real corner of healthy and tasty food.

You can make an “Apple” applique from cut paper. To do this, you need to coat a disposable plate with PVA glue, and then glue colored cut-out pieces of paper. You can first crumple them into small light balls, then the applique will turn out even more voluminous. Glue the leaves to the edge of the plate. What a delicious apple!

Craft from a disposable plate “Apple”

A charming room decoration can be made from ordinary inflatable balls. To do this you need to take the smallest long and round balls.

We inflate them and attach green leaves to them.

Master class on making a “Clock” craft on the topic “Healthy lifestyle”.

Zolotaya Victoria Anatolyevna, teacher of additional education,


The work was done using the cutting and burning technique. Designed for ages 9-11 years. A love of physical exercise should be instilled from birth. First exercise, then motor games, jumping, running, etc. All this is very important for the development of the child himself. Making a watch that a child will look at every day will serve as a good motivation for training dexterity and physical development.

I am growing up as a worthy successor to all the most famous athletes. I am resilient and healthy, My answer: always ready!

I'm ready to do push-ups, squats and somersaults. I can pull myself up and overtake everyone while running.

And play football and hockey. And fly on the uneven bars. Sport is my best friend I surprise everyone around me

I am with my energy. There are no more cheerful people around me. To work you will need:

plywood or fiberboard, jigsaw, sandpaper, copy paper, drawings of athletes, burning machine, skewers, universal glue, clockwork, white, blue, red ribbons.


1. Using a template or compass, draw 13 circles on plywood (fibreboard), 12 of which are the same size, and the thirteenth is slightly larger for the clock mechanism.

2. Cut out circles using a jigsaw and sand them with sandpaper.

3. Prepare drawings of athletes and copy paper.

4. Translate the drawings into 12 circles. Burn the pictures using a burning machine.

5. You can make holes along the edge of the circle, but this is not necessary.

6. Prepare skewers, arrange them in four pieces into 12 beams.

7. Using universal glue, glue the central circle.

8. Insert the clock mechanism and glue the remaining 12 circles.

9. Cut ribbons into 12 pieces. each color (white, blue, red) 15 cm.

10. Tie ribbons at the edges of the beams. The clock is ready!

Sport - is life. This is ease of movement. Sports command respect from everyone. Sport moves everyone upward and forward. It gives vivacity and health to everyone. Anyone who is active and who is not lazy can easily make friends with sports

Parents of children attending preschool are aware that every holiday is necessarily accompanied by children's crafts for kindergarten. Maybe to some this task will seem like a waste of time. But for most, this is still an entertaining and creative process, as well as an opportunity to spend time with the child with interest.

It is important to keep natural materials in stock in accordance with the season, and then any task for the production of work will not be taken by surprise.

Reserves of natural material

When traveling to the sea, you can collect small stones and shells. When walking in nature, stock up on beautiful leaves, pine cones and twigs. You can plant decorative pumpkins in your summer cottage - this is a good raw material for products that can be stored for a long time.

You can store the leaves in a book. It is better to keep the cones in the oven and pour boiling water over them, thereby destroying all the bugs. It’s also better not to throw away toilet paper or paper towel cartons, and save plastic bottles with caps. Make room for these items by placing everything neatly in a box.

Crafts for kindergarten are something that a child must prepare with his own hands. The degree of difficulty is determined based on the age category.

With skillful direction, the child will be able to create an applique, a drawing, or mold a plasticine product on his own. Using natural materials in the form of leaves and cones.

The do-it-yourself craft ideas for kindergarten below will tell you how best to use non-standard tools, for example, pasta or plastic dishes.

Plastic bottles can already be classified as standard materials; the possibilities for working with them are endless. Use matches, napkins, and sushi chopsticks, they are all great tools.

Products in the autumn version can be executed as compositions or as independent works. Perky hedgehogs, old forest men or alien creatures in a flying saucer - all this can be done with children's hands using raw materials given by nature.

DIY crafts made from natural materials

If you want to surprise kids, you can use natural materials. There are especially many of them in the fall, but there are also ideas for summer and spring options.

In winter, you can use dried elements or scrap materials.

We can offer you the following things to work with crafts: branches, cones, vegetables and fruits, berries, leaves, cereals, stones and similar materials.

Try to find branches on the ground and not pull them out yourself, this can have a detrimental effect on nature in the future, let's be more sensitive people.

Skier made of branches and cereals

Winter sports are very common due to which many children will choose these craft ideas. Skiing is a wonderful activity, now we will make the same illustration. We will need: colored cardboard, semolina, three thick threads of different colors, glue, sticks and thuja branches.

The process is extremely simple and interesting for children:

  1. We coat the bottom half of the blue cardboard sheet with glue, forming the shape of the hills. Sprinkle semolina on top, creating a snowy effect;
  2. We take two threads of different colors and paste them onto the work. From the first we form a circle and two sticks - the head and arms of a person, from the second we make a torso and legs;
  3. We use ice cream sticks as skis, sticking them to a person’s feet. In our hands we form two black sticks from thread;
  4. Finally, we make Christmas trees from thuja branches, attaching them to the background of the illustration.

Athletes made of cones and acorns

One of the simplest options is to use pine cones and acorns. Fantasy just goes into a dance, so many interesting ideas are spinning in my head. But we will focus on working with athletes. So, we will need: cones, acorns, plasticine, a glue gun and decorations as desired.

Let's move on to the progress of work:

  1. Place the pine cone with the smaller side up and heat the glue gun;
  2. Carefully, so as not to get burned, connect the cone with the acorn;
  3. Using plasticine we sculpt the athlete’s eyes and mouth;
  4. Beads, ribbons, rhinestones or additionally made elements will diversify your craft. You can also choose any sport you like and give your person a sporty look.

Winter style products

In winter, we have associations of New Year holidays, and we also don’t forget about Defenders of the Fatherland Day.

On February 23, military-themed products will be relevant. You can make greeting cards. Excellent products are made from fabric, but parents must take part in the creation, as cutting is necessary.

The body is made of fabric, and the corners at the bottom should be stitched, this is necessary for stability. Next, fill the bag with padding polyester and tighten the thread.

All that remains is to create the face. The nose can be made from a beige bead. You can use ready-made eyes or create an applique. Embroider the eyelashes and make antennae from threads tied into a bun. Add tone with blush or lipstick.

We make the hands from fleece or cloth and glue them on. As an option, attach one handle to the cap. The ideas are endless, you can complement the work with shoulder straps.

Sports themed craft ideas

As we have already understood, there are an endless number of types of sports and ideas for their implementation in the form of crafts. Moreover, even the most unknown type of activity can be shown in the light of a craft. You only need a few materials and imagination.

By the way, no one has canceled the fact that not only people, but also animals and fictional characters can be heroes. This will develop your child's imagination and will be a great shared activity.

Try to make it a habit to make a new craft once a week with your baby - this will have a positive effect in the future.

Dough ball

A great idea is to create a soccer ball out of salt dough. This will help your child learn to work with small elements. First, you should study the recipe for creating this test:

  1. Combine and mix 1 tablespoon of fine salt with 1 tablespoon of flour;
  2. Divide the mixture into two bowls - add white paint to the first, and pour black paint into the second;
  3. Fill with cold water a little at a time. The dough should not stick to your hands, but it should not fall apart either.

Now our task is to create a soccer ball. It will be quite simple. We divide each type of dough into small balls, now combine them as in the original ball and leave the dough to dry for a day.

Sports knitted snowman

Little craftswomen can make a knitted snowman on skis.:

  • We take filler, yarn, scissors, hook, needle. Now we need to knit two balls (one larger, the other smaller), fill them and sew them.
  • For decoration we knit: a hat, four balls (arms, legs), skis, sticks, a carrot nose, eyes and buttons. We sew everything together and get a sporty winter composition.

Plasticine figures of athletes

To create each athlete, approximately the same tactics are used. Only their appearance differs:

  • We create the base: we sculpt a ball for the head, an oval for the body and several sausages for the arms and legs. We fasten everything together with smooth transitions, finalizing some details: the neck, hands and feet, don’t forget about the fingers if they are visible.
  • Now let's move on to creating equipment. For a swimmer, it is worth making swimming trunks, fins, swimming goggles and a cap.
  • The skier is waiting for his warm suit, skis, poles and goggles.
  • The basketball player is eager to see his favorite basketball and sports uniform.
  • And then everything is in the same spirit, this will also help to study the attributes of the sport more deeply.

So, our article has come to its logical conclusion. We hope that you have learned the information you need and can easily start creating your own creations.

Exercising is a wonderful life choice that will keep you healthy. And creating crafts is a great way to express yourself creatively. Remember that love and interest are important in any business; this is the key to good work. Good luck in your endeavors!

Works in autumn style

Products in the autumn style are distinguished by the fact that materials given by nature are used for production. Leaves, cones and acorns of these raw materials are in abundance in the fall, which is perfect for crafts for a kindergarten plot.

As a rule, work competitions are held in the autumn. The child can create the applique on his own with a little help from his parents.

For products made from vegetables and fruits, a knife is used, so work must be carried out strictly under supervision. Paints are often used in kindergartens. But you can also replace them with material, for example, autumn leaves will serve as stamps for creating a forest.


You can tell the kids how much their help is needed for the birds and make a feeder together.

This not only promotes creativity, but also fosters a sense of caring for animals.

In winter, the death rate of birds is very high, because due to frost it is difficult for them to survive, so care will be taken when creating the feeder.

For the feeder you need: wood, a box and plastic bottles. Wooden feeders are distinguished by their durability. But not everyone can handle this material. Cardboard is easy to use, but it will not stand up in wet weather.

In this case, the cardboard feeder can be periodically updated, and the baby will like its decoration. Plastic is the most unpretentious material. Easy to work with and will withstand rain. The work uses a breadboard knife, so the process is carried out under the guidance of adults.


Master class for teachers on the topic: “Our health is in our hands!”

The author is a social teacher of the first qualification category, Olga Borisovna Moiseenko. Municipal preschool educational institution "Kindergarten No. 290 of the Dzerzhinsky district of Volgograd (MOU kindergarten No. 290)

Be kind if you want; Be wise if you can; But you should always be healthy. (Confucius)

Goal: to develop in teachers the ability and desire to take care of their health, the need for a healthy lifestyle and emotional well-being as the key to success in teaching.

Tasks: 1. Create conditions for preserving and strengthening the health of teachers. 2. Maintain a favorable psychological climate in kindergarten. 3. To develop teachers’ self-regulation skills, a sense of empathy, a positive attitude, sincerity and openness.

Host: Hello! We hear this word from birth. Every day begins with him. Hello, at first glance, this is the most ordinary word. But it has everything: the light of a smile, the joy of meeting, and wishes for health. Saying: “Hello,” we wish a person to be strong, strong, and healthy. So let's greet each other.

The exercise is carried out in a circle (teachers greet each other by name and say their wishes).

Host: I would like to start with the words of the great Russian teacher V.A. Sukhomlinsky: “Caring for health is the most important work of a teacher. Their spiritual life, worldview, mental development, strength of knowledge, and self-confidence depend on the cheerfulness and vigor of children.”

The preschool period is the most favorable for the formation of a healthy lifestyle. A child’s awareness of his “I”, the correct attitude towards the world, the people around him - all this depends on how conscientiously, lovingly, competently the teacher organizes his work.

A healthy lifestyle is not just the sum of acquired knowledge, but a lifestyle, adequate behavior in various situations. Everything we teach children must be applied in real life. Particular attention should be paid to the following components of a healthy lifestyle:

  • exercise, walks
  • rational nutrition, compliance with personal hygiene rules: hardening, creating conditions for good sleep;
  • friendly attitude towards each other, development of listening and speaking skills,
  • medical education, timely visits to the doctor, implementation of various recommendations, passing a medical examination annually;
  • formation of the concept “don’t harm yourself.”

An exercise is conducted on the topic “What is health?” Answers from teachers.

Host: So, health is beauty, it is strength and intelligence, a good mood. Health is the greatest wealth. Health is happiness. What should you do to be healthy?

Answers from teachers: -Health is not everything that brings joy, but without health nothing brings joy. — Health is not only good physical shape, but also mental balance. — Health is the ability to satisfy one’s needs within reasonable limits. — Health is needed not only for you, but also for the people you are obliged to help. — Health is a culture of human relations. — Health is a social culture of relationships. — Health is a way of life.

Host: So, there are 10 golden rules for preserving health. • Follow your daily routine! • Pay more attention to nutrition! • Move more! • Sleep in a cool room! • Don't extinguish your anger, let it break out! • Constantly engage in intellectual activity! • Drive away despondency and blues! • React adequately to all manifestations of your body! • Try to get as many positive emotions as possible! • Wish only good things for yourself and those around you!

Host: If you want to be healthy, make friends with physical education, clean air and healthy food. Learn to breathe correctly: calmly, shallowly, measuredly.

The presenter suggests listening to your breathing and determining what it is: superficial, deep, chest or with the participation of the abdominal muscles.

Breathing control is an effective means of influencing muscle tone and emotional centers of the brain. Slow and deep breathing (with the participation of the abdominal muscles) reduces the excitability of the nerve centers and promotes muscle relaxation. Frequent (chest) breathing, on the contrary, ensures a high level of body activity and maintains neuropsychic tension.

Method 1. Imagine that there is a piece of fluff hanging in front of your nose at a distance of 10-15 cm. Breathe only through your nose and so smoothly that the fluff does not flutter.

Method 2. Since in a situation of irritation or anger we forget to exhale normally, try: exhale deeply; hold your breath for as long as you can; take a few deep breaths; hold your breath again.

Teachers use breathing techniques (Teaching methods of breathing control).

1. Mask of surprise. IP: sitting, standing, lying down. With a slow inhalation, gradually raise your eyebrows as high as possible. At the height of inhalation, hold your breath for a second and lower your eyebrows as you exhale.

2. Mask of anger. IP: sitting, standing, lying down. With a slow inhalation, gradually frown your eyebrows, trying to bring them as close as possible. Hold your breath for a second and lower your eyebrows as you exhale.

3. Kiss mask. IP: standing, sitting, lying down. Simultaneously with inhalation, gradually compress your lips (“chicken tail” or embouchure with a tube). Take this effort to its limit. Record the effort, hold your breath for a second, and exhale freely, relax the orbicularis oris muscle.

4. Mask of laughter. IP: standing, sitting or lying down. Squint your eyes slightly, inhale slightly, purse your lips and raise the corners of your mouth - a mask of laughter, and exhale - relax tense muscles. – Exercise “Calming Breathing”. I.P.: While sitting, take a breath - stick your stomach forward (“inflate” your big belly) at the count of 1-2-3-4; holding your breath for a count of 1-2; exhale - pull in the stomach at the count of 1-2-3-4. (duration 3-5 minutes).

Host: Our profession obliges us to talk a lot. Overstrain of the vocal cords can cause throat diseases: laryngitis, pharyngitis. Performing simple exercises will help strengthen the muscles of the larynx.

I suggest you perform a set of breathing and vocal exercises to strengthen the muscles of the larynx. -Click your tongue loudly and quickly, quietly and slowly. −Try to reach your chin with your tongue several times. −Try to yawn with your mouth closed, as if hiding the yawn from others. −Open your mouth as wide as possible, relax your muscles a little and gently lower your head down. Return to the starting position. −Make movements with your lips, mentally saying “a-o-e.”

Teachers perform a set of exercises.

Presenter: Exercises that will not take much time and do not require special equipment will help relieve muscle and psychological tension. When you get home, turn on calm music and do exercises to relieve muscle and psychological tension, which we will now show you.

Teachers perform a set of exercises. to relieve muscle and psychological tension.

Leading. Perform all movements very slowly, smoothly, avoiding pain. Breathe evenly and calmly. Try to maintain each pose for 30 seconds. •Straighten your shoulders. Stand on tiptoes, raise your arms and stretch your whole body up. •Do a half squat with your knees slightly bent. Extend your arms in front of you and lean forward, keeping your back completely straight. •From the same position, move your arms straight back. Pull your neck and chin forward. •Lean forward, move your arms to the sides, straighten your knees. Stretch. •Place your feet together, lean forward, clasp your knees with your hands and try to touch them with your nose. •Perform two turns of your head left and right (chin almost touches chest).

Host: To be healthy, you need to learn to alternate work with active recreation. For example, when you offer children a warm-up or physical education session, do it together with the children. During your walk, don’t just organize outdoor games, but play them with your children.

Presenter: A finger massage can help the body resist illness, feel cheerful and full of energy, relax and relieve symptoms of fatigue. Each finger is responsible for the functioning of a specific organ in our body. Thumb – stimulates brain activity; Index finger – improves stomach function; Middle – intestines and spine; Unnamed – improves liver function; Mezenets - helps the heart function.

Each finger is massaged separately towards its base along the dorsal, palmar and lateral surfaces. We start the massage with stroking, then rubbing, the next step is kneading and end with stroking again.

Teachers perform finger massage.

Presenter: Teachers go to the basket, take tokens, according to which they are divided into two teams: “Dexterous” and “Fast”. Motto of the event: There is noise and bustle in the kindergarten today. The teachers decided everything: Health is beauty!

  • Competition “Swallow” (Who can stand on one leg longer in the swallow position.)
  • Competition “Proverbs and Sayings” (Team members take turns naming proverbs and sayings about health. The team whose answer was the last wins)
  • Relay race “Pairs with a hoop” (Teachers in pairs run to a landmark. One holds the hoop, the second crawls up, then the second holds it, the first crawls up. They return running.)

Host: Everyone knows that a good mood is associated with health. Laughter prolongs life. When we laugh, our body produces endorphins - pleasure hormones. Think positively! Learn to control your thoughts and when negative ones appear, immediately replace them with positive ones.

Now I offer you several negative beliefs from our daily life, which you will have to turn into AFFIRMATIONS in the process of group work.

“Negative Beliefs” 1. No one values ​​me at work 2. My colleagues annoy me 3. I’m afraid that I won’t succeed... 4. I can’t look at myself in the mirror 5. I’m disappointed in life...

Group responses.

  • People love me at work
  • I am surrounded only by positive and cheerful people
  • Everything works out just great for me.
  • I like the way I look
  • I love life!

View the presentation “I can be healthy - I will help myself.”

1. Start a new day with a smile and morning exercises. 2. Maintain a daily routine yourself and demand this from your children. 3. Remember: a smart book is better than aimless watching TV. 4. Love your child - he is yours. Respect your family members, they are your traveling companions. 5. A positive attitude towards yourself is the basis of psychological survival. 6. There are no bad children, only bad actions. 7. Personal example for a healthy lifestyle is better than any morality. 8. Use natural hardening factors to stay healthy. 9. Remember: simple food is healthier than elaborate dishes. 10. The best type of recreation is a walk with the family in the fresh air, the best entertainment for a child is playing together with parents.

Host: Now we will perform a psychotechnical exercise with you, with which you can relieve fatigue, gain internal stability and feel self-confidence.

The exercise is called “Inner Ray”.

Find a comfortable position, sit comfortably. (Calm music is turned on).

Imagine that inside your head, in the upper part, a light ray appears, which slowly and consistently moves from top to bottom and slowly, gradually illuminates your face, neck, shoulders, hands with a warm, even and relaxing light. As the beam moves, wrinkles are smoothed out, tension in the back of the head disappears, the fold on the forehead is weakened, the clamps in the corners of the lips are loosened, the shoulders are lowered, the neck and chest are freed. The inner ray, as it were, forms a new appearance - a calm, liberated person, satisfied with himself, his life and his profession.

And now together, without opening our eyes, we say “I have become a new person!” I became young and strong, calm and stable! I will do everything well!”

Exercise (Plot fairy tale “Multi-colored stars”). (Calm music is turned on, stars are hung against the background of the “sky.”)

High in the dark sky, in one huge starry meadow, there lived - there were stars. There were a lot of them, and all the stars were very beautiful. They glowed and sparkled, and people on earth admired them every night. But all these stars were of different colors. There were red stars here, and they gave courage to those born under their light. There were blue stars here - they gave people beauty. There were also yellow stars in the clearing - they gave people intelligence, and there were also green stars in the clearing. Whoever was born under the light of their green rays became very kind. And then one day something flashed in the starry sky! All the stars gathered to see what happened. And another little star appeared in the sky. But she was absolutely... white! The star looked around and even closed her eyes: how many beautiful stars there are around - the star whispered. “What do you give to people?” other stars asked her. I know that among all those present there are no stars that are colorless. I wish you to shine always and everywhere, dear colleagues!

A little about serious things as a joke.

Fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood!" - Grandma, grandma, why is your face so wrinkled? “That’s because I didn’t like to wash my face in the mornings and evenings, my granddaughter.” - Grandma, why are your teeth so yellow? - Because I didn’t clean them and smoked, like your grandfather. - Grandma, grandma, why are your eyes so dull? - Because I didn’t like to eat carrots, my granddaughter. - Grandma, grandma, why are you trembling and walking slowly? “That’s because, my baby, I never did exercises in the morning.” If you don't want to look like this grandma, lead a healthy lifestyle! V.A. Sukhomlinsky said: “Caring for human health, for the health of a child, is not just a set of sanitary and hygienic standards, not a set of requirements for regime, nutrition, work and study. This is, first of all, concern for the harmonious completeness of all physical and spiritual forces.” Exercise “Friendly palm”.

I really want our meeting today to remain a memory. Let it be a friendly palm. To do this, let's do an exercise that is called that way.

Participants are given pieces of paper.

Host: Trace the outline of your palm with the color that matches your mood now and write your name on it. Then pass the piece of paper with the outline of your palm to your teammates, and let everyone leave their wishes or compliments on one of the fingers of the palm. The message should have a positive content, a personal appeal, and in any way mention the strengths of a particular person.

Completion of the task by the participants.

“Let these palms bring the warmth and joy of our meetings, remind us of these meetings, and perhaps help at some difficult moment.” Goodbye!

List of references: 1. Health work in preschool educational institutions: regulatory documents, aspects / author's compilation. Gorbatova M.S. Volgograd: Teacher. 2011 2. Health-saving system of a preschool educational institution: program models, recommendations, lesson development\ author-compiled by M.A. Pavlova, M.V. Lysogorskaya.-Volgograd: Teacher.2009 3. Gavryuchina L.V. Health-saving technologies in preschool educational institutions: methodological manual. - M.: TC Sfera, 2008. - 160 p. 4. Gavryuchina L.V. “Health-saving technologies in preschool educational institutions”, Moscow “Sfera”, 2007. 5. Doskin V.A. “How to preserve and strengthen a child’s health”, Moscow “Enlightenment”, 2006 6. Nikishina I.V. Master class for teachers of preschool educational institutions. Health-saving pedagogical system: models, approaches, technologies. M.: “Planet”, 2013

Street layouts

You can create situations that convey the meaning of reality; such a game will help you master traffic on the road and study signs. Street markings can be painted on cardboard and houses can be built from boxes. Decorate the cityscape with greenery and, most importantly, make road signs and traffic lights.

Road signs can be printed from the Internet. A stand for the sign can be made from a plastic bottle cap and a sushi stick, and fastened with plasticine.

Houses can be easily created from cardboard boxes or glued together from cardboard and painted on the facade. Trees are created from cardboard or natural materials.

If you finely chop green threads and sprinkle them on cardboard, previously coated with glue, you will get grass. It is easy to create soil using grain glued to the surface.


One side has a background color, and the other has three traffic light colors. Glue a thread between the halves and the circle is easily glued so that you can rotate it to the hole on one side or the other.

Craft from bottles

Wall panels, plot compositions and toys can be made using various techniques. It's very easy to make crafts from plastic bottles for kindergarten.

You can make a baby penguin. To do this, you will need two plastic bottles, with the bottom cut to the required size. And the part is placed one inside the other. For convenience, several cuts can be made in the inner part.

Using acrylic paints we paint the toy. We make a pompom from threads to decorate the hat.

The scarf is made from braid or fleece; it will successfully hide the junction of the bottles. To keep the scarf stable, you can place it on glue or double-sided tape. For the wings and paws, colored paper is used.

Paper crafts on the theme of health

Health is an exciting topic of our time, but it can be maintained and improved through a sports lifestyle. This is what we are trying to convey to children through making crafts.

Natural materials are, of course, good, but there are still many options for making crafts from ordinary elements. For example, only paper and glue can produce amazing work, but how many other materials are there to consume!


There are endless ideas for this simple option. Moreover, often you don’t even need a sample, you just have to trust your inspiration.

For the base we will need colored cardboard, choose a shade to suit your taste:

  • We cut out a whole person from colored paper or piece by piece so that we can then glue it together in the desired pose.
  • Having chosen the desired sport, you need to cut out the attributes for its implementation (for swimming: cap, fins, goggles; for tennis: rackets and ball).
  • And finally, decorate the background, for example, decorate a playground, a snowy location or a deserted field.

Choose a strong glue pencil and sharp scissors. Appliques require only a few materials and your desire.


The next craft idea is unique, it brings not only aesthetic pleasure, you can also play with it. Children will be delighted to organize swims and challenges. Well, let's sail! We will need: scissors, colored paper and cardboard, multi-colored pencils, a plastic cover, strong glue.

Follow all of the following steps to progress:

  1. We tear the blue paper sheet into four wide strips. We glue each one onto cardboard, but apply glue only to a small bottom section of the paper, leaving space for the swimmers;
  2. From flesh-colored paper we cut three circles and six sticks (arms and heads), and from three other colors we cut one rectangle (torso). Cut out three long strips (longer than the length of the pool) and assemble the little men;
  3. On the free upper part, using the lid, we draw the faces of people, they are fans;
  4. Let's put it all together. Now the children must pull the stripes and win.

Football field layout

The dream of many kids is to own their own football field. It’s quite possible to do this, but it will be doubly pleasant to create it yourself. We will need: scissors, a glue gun and regular glue, a small box, green cardboard, landscape and colored sheets.


  1. We take an unnecessary box, use a glue gun to fix the edges so that they do not interfere in the future;
  2. Glue a green cardboard sheet to the bottom of the box;
  3. Using landscape sheets, we cut out strips and make the necessary field markings; in the same way we form the gates;
  4. We glue everything. We cut out whole football players from colored sheets and throw the ball onto the field.

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