Summary of gaming activities in the middle group

Game lesson in the middle group

Summary of the final game lesson for children of the middle group

Gaming leisure in the middle group “The Trouble of the Flower City”
Author: Antoshina Anna Valerievna, teacher of the GBDOU Kindergarten No. 40 of a combined type, Kolpinsky district Purpose of the lesson: Summarize the knowledge gained. Consolidate skills in all the material covered: quantity and counting within 5; the ability to compare objects by size, orientation in time and space; ability to distinguish geometric shapes; cultivate an interest in mathematics and a desire to work in a team. Remember the heroes of the story about Dunno. Develop auditory perception. Foster love for the environment, respect for nature, and neatness. Strengthen the ability to safely handle scissors. Material: audio recording from the film “Dunno”, “Voices of Birds”, “Frogs”, “The Noise of the Meadow”. Slides: forest, field, meadow, birds, animals, heroes of “Flower City”.
Mugs of yellow, red, blue and purple for each child. 5 trees of different sizes. Planar images of birds and animals for the game “Put the Bird” Numbers from 0 to 5, geometric shapes. Cards “How a dandelion grows” for each child. Plane image of houses, planar images of characters from “Flower City”. Strips of green paper for each child, scissors, glue, napkins for each child. Progress of the lesson:
Part 1 (introductory) An audio recording of music from the cartoon “Dunno” is played. Children enter and sit on chairs. Educator: Guys, we received a letter from Flower City. Who wrote to us? (Reads the letter) “Hello! Residents of the Flower City are writing to you. We had a problem: Dunno went for a walk and disappeared. We looked for him the whole day, but never found him. Help us guys." Educator: Guys, do you know what a day is? (Children's answers) Educator: I know a whole poem about a day. Let's play a game. I will read a poem, and you will show a circle with the part of the day that I am reading about. (children show a yellow circle for the first part of the poem, a red circle for the second part, a blue circle for the third, and a purple circle for the fourth) “Day” In the morning the sun rises, does not let the children sleep! -Come on, kids, get up, charge up, wash, dress neatly, and start breakfast. At noon the sun is at its zenith, Its rays are like threads, They generously warm the Earth, Everyone is invited to dinner. Further, further the day runs on, The proverb says to us: - The day is long until the evening, when there is nothing to do. Well, in the evening, guys, Everything will be enveloped in coolness, The sun also needs rest, And the guys will have a delicious dinner. At night there is a moon in the sky, She is very strict: She watches - is everyone in bed? Close your eyes and let yourself dream fairy tales. Close your eyes, good night everyone! From morning to morning, children know the day. Educator: I see, you know. Children, can we help the residents of Flower City? Children: Yes! Educator: Only the road to the city is difficult, various tasks and dangers await us. Do you think we can handle it? Children: We can handle it! Educator: Then let's go. We'll go on foot. Stand behind each other and don't lag behind. Game "In an Even Circle". Children, holding hands, walk in a circle, saying: “In an even circle, one after another, we walk step by step. Stay where you are! Together, let’s do this!” The movements shown by the teacher are repeated. Part 2 (Main) Educator: Look, we came to the forest (A soundtrack of various birds singing sounds). Can you hear the birds? Which birds did you recognize by their voice? (image of a forest) Children: Cuckoo, nightingale, lark, etc. (photo of birds) Educator: Do only birds live in the forest? Children: No, still wild animals. (Children list the animals. A photo of the animals is shown) Educator: Look, trees with hollows. It is necessary to resettle animals and birds in hollows. We will place the squirrel in the hollow of the tallest tree. Go, (child) settle the squirrel. The owl is in the hollow of a lower tree. Woodpecker - in the lowest tree. Marten - in a tree slightly higher than the low one. Starling - in the middle tree. (Children go out one by one and complete the teacher’s assignment). Educator: Okay, guys, tell me what you can’t do in the forest? (Children's answers) We completed the task, can we see Dunno in the forest? Children: No. Educator: Then let's move on. Game “The little gray bunny is sitting...” Educator: We reached the swamp (photo of the swamp). You can’t just go through the swamp, you need to lay out the hummocks in order from 0 to 5. Place the number 1 on a round hummock, 2 on an oval one, 3 on a rectangular one, 4 on a square one, 5 on a diamond-shaped one, and 0 on a triangular one. Now arrange the bumps in order. (Children lay out the bumps in order and walk over them). Educator: We passed the swamp. Can you see Dunno? Children: No. Educator: So let's move on Game “Dunno Is Dancing” “Left leg, right leg So Dunno dances to the accordion, Now he sits down, now he stands up And doesn’t get tired at all” Movements according to the text. Educator: Wait, what is this? (photo meadow) Children: Meadow. Educator: What plants grow in the meadow? Children: Grass, bells, dandelions, etc. Educator: Well done. What do all plants, animals and people need? Children: Sun, air and water - we will always grow! Educator: I have cards “How does a dandelion grow? “You need to lay out these cards in order. (Children complete the task). You did an excellent job. Oh, look, someone is playing in the meadow. Who is this? Children: Dunno. Educator: Let's take him with us, the residents of Flower City will be very happy. Here is the Flower City and its residents greeting us. (The soundtrack from the cartoon “Dunno” plays and a slide of cartoon characters is shown.) They are glad that we found Dunno. You did a good job with all the tasks. And now I suggest that Dunno never leaves again and doesn’t get lost to decorate his yard with grass and flowers. Watch how we plant grass. Child, tell me how to work with scissors? An application is carried out according to the teacher’s demonstration, group work. Part 3 (final) Educator: Where were we until we found Dunno? Who else did we help? What do you remember? (Children's answers) Educator: Because we helped Dunno come home, the residents of the flower city prepared a treat for us.

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Program content:

  • develop children’s ability to isolate the properties of objects, compare the quantity of two sets of objects;
  • master the action of selecting the required number of items using substitute chips;
  • ability to navigate on a sheet of paper.

Material: glove toy “Ivashka”, two tracks: narrow and wide; handouts: 4 to 6 squares for each child, substitute chips, triangles; rectangular sheets of paper for each child, geometric shapes of different colors and shapes, various toys, a magic wand, stars, flowers.

GCD move

(Calm music by Kamal “Reiki” sounds.)

Organizing time.

Children go to the group room and sit on chairs.

Training “Compliment”

Goal: to concentrate children's attention. Set up a positive, friendly attitude towards each other.

Educator. What's your mood? Want to share it? (Children's answers.)

Children give each other compliments: you look good today, I’m glad to see you, how much I love playing with you, you’re so cheerful, how kind you are, how good it is that you came to D/S today, etc.

Educator. Guys, look how many toys are on the floor. We need to go look at them. At my command “long”, you will go where there are more toys, taking long steps. Show what steps you will take.

On my command “short”, you will go to where fewer toys are sitting, taking short steps. Show what steps you will take.

Approaching fewer toys, the children find Ivashka, a multi-colored shirt.

Educator. Look who it is. Get to know him (children get to know each other).

Now we need to get to the other side of the group. But how to do that? There is a river on our way.

Ivashka. I'll help, look what tracks I have.

Educator. Girls will go along the wide path, and boys along the narrow one. (The teacher asks which path you took and why?)

Ivashka praises the children, but he is also a boy and wants to go with the guys, but does not know which path to take. Children help.

Educator. Ivashka brought a “magic” wand with him, it can turn us into anyone. Ivashka says he wants to turn you into builders.

What are we going to build?

Ivashka. At home.

Educator. The houses are without roofs, what should we do, how can we help the residents? (Children's answers.)

Ivashka says magic words (for example, “cribley-crabbly-boom”) and touches each child with a “magic” wand. He turns some children into builders, others into storekeepers.

Children, you must go to the warehouse and get as many roofs as there are houses on the site (children use the method learned in previous lessons: they select the required number of substitute chips and go with them to the “warehouse” to get roofs). The storekeeper selects the number of roofs based on the number of chips. The houses are being completed.

Ivashka praises the children.

Ivashka. Let's get creative. Who can live in these houses? Who do you want to put there? (Children's answers.)

I propose to make gifts for the residents of new houses. Let's give them colorful carpets. I will turn you into artists. We will decorate the carpets not with paints, but with colored figures.

I will tell you, and you listen carefully and lay out the carpet pattern correctly.

Children have a large selection of figures of different colors and shapes. Under the dictation of the teacher, the children complete the task. Ivashka looks and praises the children.

For their work, children receive surprises (girls - flowers, boys - stars).

Ivashka. I really liked it with you and don’t want to part with you. Can I stay? (Children's answers.)

Reflection: Children, who came to visit us? What did Ivashka and I do together? Did you like it?

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