Quest game for all kindergarten groups dedicated to “Children’s Day” “Journey through Fairy Tales”

Goals, objectives and benefits of quests

The purpose of the quest in a group of preschoolers is to launch the process of activating the cognitive and thinking processes of pupils in a playful way, to implement game and project work, to give new and consolidate existing knowledge, to practice skills in practice.

The educational, developmental and educational objectives of the quest game are as follows:

  • consolidating knowledge on the topic and learning new ones;
  • development of such qualities as initiative, independence;
  • increasing motivation for education;
  • development of creative abilities and certain skills, including research;
  • development of positive character qualities;
  • developing skills of mutual assistance and interaction with classmates.

Quest games can be either single or group. But today we will only consider group games, since we need to keep the entire group of students occupied.

Depending on the nature of the plot, the quest can be linear, assault or circular. You will find below linear quest scenarios, they are the most common. A linear quest means that children will receive tasks sequentially along a chain as they solve them. Those. solved the first task, received the second, and so on.

What are the advantages of quests in a preschool educational institution?

  1. Children really like such games, which allows them to develop the cognitive interest of pupils in a relaxed manner.
  2. During the game, children receive the same impressions, which they can then discuss together.
  3. The gameplay makes it possible to present sometimes boring and uninteresting knowledge in such a form that children are happy to remember new material.
  4. They learn to work in a group harmoniously, because this is what the final result will depend on. And this contributes to the cohesion of a small team.

If you are not sure that you clearly understand the structure of quests and their purpose, then I advise you to take part in very interesting offline webinars on this topic:

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